• Autumn 2009 | Exhibition at Kronberg
    During the Kronberg Festival it will be possible to look at different cello models made by Ragnar Hayn and to try them out, especially one new model after 'Joseph Filius Guarneri'. Further more information you can find at the following link: http://www.kronbergacademy.de
    If you have any other questions concerning the exibition you can contact Ragnar Hayn as well.
    Kronberg Acadamy
    Cello Festival
    30th September - 04th October 2009
  • 2. March 2008 | London  - Makers’ Day 2008

    It will be possible to view and try out Ragnar Hayn’s instruments at the Violin Makers’ Day in London on 2nd March 2008.
    This international exhibition featuring the work of contemporary violin-makers is organised each year by the British Violin Making Association, and takes place at Old Session House, a central location 3 minutes’ walk from Farringdon station.
    Link: http://www.bvma.org.uk