• Videoclip about Ragnar Hayn
    Ragnar Hayn explains his work

  • 04.05.2013 | Lutherie 2013
    40 years of Violinmaking in Newark
    Ragnar Hayn is invited to give a lecture.

  • November 2012 | Xenia Jankovic (Cello) - Royal Strings of St. George, chamber Orchestra Belgrad
    Recording: Joseph Haydn, Celloconcert No. 2 in D-Dur, III. Rondo, 30.11.2012 in Belgrad. Xenia Jankovic on her new Cello, made by Ragnar Hayn, 2012, Model: A. Stradivarius, 1710, B-Form

  • From 2008 | New cello model
    Ragnar Hayn has designed a new cello model, which will be available from 2008. This is based on a Stradivari cello dating from 1711 (B-form). This cello is intended as an alternative to the Goffriller cello which was available until now. Its streamlined construction means that it not only has a different tonal quality, but is also more manageable.

  • May 2007 | Gold medal at the Manchester Cello Competition
    Ragnar Hayn was awarded the gold medal at the International Cello Competition in Manchester. The jury included Roland Baumgartner, Hieronymus Köstler and Rene Morel, who judged the level of craftsmanship, and Enrico Dindo and Gregor Horsch, who assessed the instruments’ tonal qualities.

  • March 2007 | RSAMD StringFest 2007 - Focus Viola - Royal Scottish Academy for Music and Drama - Glasgow
    Ragnar Hayn collaborated with a select group of internationally recognised violin-makers to make a copy of a Gaspar da Salo viola for the Royal Scottish Academy for Music and Drama during a RSAMD viola festival. This project was organised by Peter Lissauer.