A large amount of time and care is invested in each stage of the work performed at Ragnar Hayn’s violin workshop.

Work on an instrument starts with the choice of materials. Materials of only the finest quality are used, including spruce wood from the Dolomites in Northern Italy, maple wood from Bosnia and oil varnish produced on the premises using historical formulae.

Both new instruments and copies of old instruments are produced, parts of whose original form are reconstructed according to revived methods. First-class musicians are frequently consulted in the process, in order to ensure that the instruments fulfil the musicians’ high requirements, this both in terms of tonal quality and playing technique. Working techniques are always in line with the latest research on the historical and modern construction of stringed instruments.

An instrument is not complete until the sound has been tailored to the expectations and requirements of its future owner. Ragnar Hayn spends a great deal of time on individual consultations in order to ensure that the instrument�s potential is completely fulfilled. Consultation, sound adjustment and the instrument�s first inspection are therefore included.
Many orchestra and solo musicians have learned to appreciate the level of Ragnar Hayn�s dedication to his instruments from the start to the finish of the construction process, and enjoy visiting his workshop, which is situated in a dynamic central location in Berlin.

Any repairs or restoration works which become necessary are carried out at Bettina Hayns workshop to the highest level and with the greatest care.